Op-Ed: Montana Shouldn't Pay for EPA's Mistakes - Havre Daily News

Jun 12th, 2012

Take a good, long look at your latest electricity bill, because there’s a very good chance it could be skyrocketing in the near future.

The culprit is a new EPA regulation called the Utility Maximum Achievable Control Technology (UMACT) rule. On paper it’s supposed to control mercury and a host of other emissions from coal-based power plants. In reality it sets a standard that many plants can’t possibly meet by the 2015 deadline, forcing them to shut down and forcing your electricity bills to go up.

Why would EPA impose this economically hazardous rule? Because it never bothered to examine its cost in the first place. EPA guessed its utility rule would cost “only” $11 billion annually; private experts put the cost at almost double that amount, projecting electricity prices to rise between 12 and 24 percent and cost more than 1.4 million lost jobs. Incredibly, a regulation the White House admits is the most expensive in history was rolled out of Washington with scant regard for its impacts on local electricity costs or employment.


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