National Mining Association: There is a better pathway

Jun 2nd, 2014

EPA's new greenhouse gas regulations are overzealous.

Like Americans everywhere, I envision a stronger economy and quality of life for our children and grandchildren. But contrary to the Environmental Protection Agency's extreme approach unveiled Monday, we believe there is a better pathway that moves us toward our environmental goals without raising electricity costs, eliminating thousands of jobs and jeopardizing the reliability of the electric grid.

The EPA's new, overzealous greenhouse gas regulations will force the closure of many of the existing coal-based power plants that currently generate 40% of the nation's electricity — at the very time that advanced technologies are making America's fleet of coal-generation plants cleaner and more efficient.

Since 2005, CO2 emissions from coal-based power plants have been reduced by 24%, and the power plants built with today's new technologies emit 90% fewer traditional pollutants than the plants they replace from 30 years ago.

States that rely on coal for 50% or more of their electricity generation enjoy 30% lower electricity costs, and thus also tend to be home to the nation's strongest manufacturing base. These states will be at the losing end of what is essentially a cap-and-trade system that EPA is proposing.

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