Article: Coal is a valuable partner in our energy future - Denver Post

Jun 5th, 2013

In urging a moratorium on federal coal leasing, Brian Moench and Jeremy Nichols fail to inform readers of the thousands of high-paying Colorado jobs — directly and indirectly related to coal mining — they would destroy, the $171 million loss to the state treasury (including royalties for public schools), and the rise in home utility bills that would result, along with disruption to a reliable electricity supply.Coal’s reliability and affordability make it an important partner along with renewables, natural gas and nuclear for ensuring a dependable energy grid. Advances in technology have enabled U.S. power plants to reduce emissions by more than 80 percent since 1990, and new advanced coal-fueled power plants result in 70 to 90 percent fewer emissions than the typical plant they replace. These environmental advances, along with coal’s role as a valuable partner, offer a promising path for Colorado’s — and America’s — energy future.


Hal Quinn, Washington, D.C.

Stuart Sanderson, Denver

Hal Quinn is president and chief executive of the National Mining Association. Stuart Sanderson is president of the Colorado Mining Association.


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