Article: Anti-coal movement harms economy - Coal Guru

May 20th, 2013

When former EPA head Lisa Jackson mounted the pulpit to call for the “bankruptcy of coal” in January 2012, she released a firestorm of supporters agitating not only against the use of coal for power generation and iron ore/steel conversions, but who are now active in attempting to stop all coal exports. This would, in effect, bring coal and its American world leading reserves down to an irreducible minimum in effect, eventual extinction.

This growing legion of fossil fuel negation has mounted an increasingly effective War on Coal that is not destined to stop until the last coal mine in the US closes its gates. It’s common knowledge that US coal companies (Peabody Energy, Arch Coal, near bankrupt Patriot Coal etc.) have been building overseas order backlogs. These are mainly from Southeast Asia and are rebuilding the mining volume and revenues lost due to the diminishing use of coal for electric utilities and the tempering of iron ore into steel.

While frustrated by the lack of federal legislation to close coal mines or severely limit mining production through backbreaking legislation, these coal opponents are reaching out to municipalities, state legislators and threats against export coal facilities to strangle the global coal demand being facilitated by less squeamish overseas users.

The latest victim of this organized boycott is one of America’s leading pipeline fabricators. Kinder Morgan announced it’s dropping plans already underway to build a major export terminal at Clatskanie, Ore, along the Columbia River. One of the leading anti coal export exponents, Brett VandenHeuvel, executive director for the Columbia Riverkeeper opponents, is leading the charge.

This spreading anti coal antipathy has been surging like a wildfire along the politically progressive Northwest quadrant, attempting to close out all coal shipments to Southeast Asia. This intensely populous area is in the middle of building massive coal-using, power-generating utility infrastructures. The anti coal coalition, headed by the liberal media across the states of Washington and Oregon, is whipping up pro environmental hysteria without regard to consequences in states that badly need additional employment and revenues.



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