Article: House Committee OKs bill to extend tax breaks to all new generation facilities - The Billings Gazette

Mar 19th, 2013

HELENA — The House Taxation Committee endorsed a bill Monday to extend to all new future electrical generating facilities —including coal and natural gas — the current tax breaks offered only to alternative-energy facilities such as wind.

On a straight partyline vote, the committee approved Senate Bill 138, by Sen. Art Wittich, R-Bozeman, and sent it to the House floor for debate. All Republicans on the committee voted for the bill, while all Democrats opposed it.

If the bill becomes law, here’s how it would work:

Starting after June 30 this year, all future electrical-generating facilities, fuels and gas production facilities that meet certain requirements would be deemed as Class 14 property. That’s the current classification for renewable-energy production and transmission property, and it has a 3 percent tax rate.



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