Article: Officials say coal is vital for future - Wyoming County Report

Feb 25th, 2013

While coal may no longer be recognized as king, it still possesses the crown in Wyoming County’s economy.

Natural gas and timber also retain their places in the county’s economic royalty.

Over the last few years, tourism — through Twin Falls Resort State Park, Hatfield McCoy Recreational Trails, museums, coal history — has brought more dollars into the county. This piece of the county’s economy, however, isn’t creating enough jobs as yet to dethrone the reigning emperors.

“Coal is a vital link in the economic activity of Wyoming County,” explained Commissioner Silas Mullins. “The county government, board of education, and businesses as well as private citizens depend on coal for their income. As goes coal, so goes our county in many aspects.”

“Wyoming County’s economy is struggling in most cases because of the coal industry,” noted Christy Laxton, who is the director of the Wyoming County Economic Development Authority. “Other industries seem to be doing about the same.”



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