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Jan 7th, 2013

I would like to address some of the current misinformation about coal exporting.

The Montana Coal Council commissioned a study to attempt to document the amount of coal dust along a coal shipment rail corridor and they had trouble finding any coal dust at all. The top of the coal load is “groomed” and treated with a surfactant designed to keep all the coal in the rail car during transit.

This issue was “invented” by the environmental groups to rile up well-meaning environmentalist people and have them continue to fund these organizations. Potential coal customers in Asia have already built or are building coal-fired power plants. They are going to burn coal!

Wouldn’t it be better for the world if those plants were burning low-sulfur, high-quality Powder River Basin coal? And emitting fewer pollutants than if they were burning lesser-quality coal mined from other parts of the world.

Of course the U.S. gets the jobs associated with the mining, transportation and exporting of a commodity that we have in abundance. These are living wage jobs that support families, pay taxes, and enable communities to not only survive but to grow and prosper.

Cory Hayes


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