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Count on Coal Montana is a campaign to make Montanans aware of the benefits of the abundant coal resources in our state.  From homes to businesses to schools, hospitals and local governments, all Montanans benefit from affordable electricity with stable prices and reliable delivery. Further, all Montanans benefit when Montana produces and sells its coal. Tax revenue generated by coal production provides critical funds for better and newer schools, higher paid teachers, better roads and infrastructure and many other aspects of our everyday lives here in Montana.

These benefits are threatened by environmental activists who seek to end or minimize coal production in Montana, drive up our electricity rates and prevent Montanans from taking advantage of our most abundant natural and economic resource.

Count on Coal Montana is a grassroots organization that seeks to identify, educate and recruit Montanans to support our mission to support Montana coal and all the economic benefits it provides, including increased tax revenue for our state, thousands of jobs and affordable electricity for all.

Founded by organizations and companies that recognize the value of coal to Montana. Count on Coal Montana includes concerned Montanans who are standing up for Montana coal and the benefits it provides our state.

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